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Wait, Did You Really Mean to Say That?

As a new kid in a new city, I have grown extremely comfortable when it comes to doing things on my own. This even includes going to the bar. Be it for a trivia night, sports game, or because I really need a drink, I have no issues sitting myself at the bar and making conversation with the bartender and the occasional strangers who choose to sit near me. My favorite, however, is the conversations that come from guys with poor social skills.

Whether these guys intentionally meant to be offensive is something that I’m not sure of… but in doing so, they unintentionally landed themselves on my blog. These following lines are completely real and have been said to me in the prior span of three weeks.

I present to you the top five lines I have heard while at a bar on my own:

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My Horse is Bigger than Yours

So this is one of my biggest pet peeves in the existence of ever: the “my horse is bigger than yours” game. There are some circumstances that you are allowed to brag about without fear of the ever obvious eye-roll, but those stories shouldn’t be downgraded due to a few dumb friends. This post is for all you story-toppers, one-uppers, and story-embellishers everywhere – cut it the hell out.

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‘Duck Dynasty’ and ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’ >>> All Other Reality TV

I am going kick this off with two assumptions:

  • You all know what Duck Dynasty is. (It’s already completed three seasons)
  • You all know that Ryan Lochte is quite possibly the dumbest human on the planet.

Honestly, I am not a reality TV type of person. I will watch sitcoms and dramas until I can no longer move off the couch, but as soon as that channel changes to something like ‘Catfish’ or ‘The Kardashians’ I am out of the living room faster than the speed of light. I just really can’t stand the stupidity of human nature, let alone being forced to watch people be famous for really nothing… and yes, Kim, I’m calling your “sex tape” nothing.

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