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“What’s Your Biggest Fault”

Throughout the years, I have been described as many things by my friends and family: blunt, outgoing, and impulsive – just to name a few. Many things have shaped the way in which I act and choose to live my life. Yet, I never thought I would see the day (or days, if you will) that people would pick one choice word to describe myself and my actions… What’s that word, you ask?


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It’s About Time I Move on with My Life

During these past few months, I have spent a¬†concern-able¬†amount of time sitting on my couch and browsing through job listings on my computer. To me, it felt like my life was set on pause, that I wasn’t going anywhere despite the number of times I sent out my resume.

But then it hit me: I was looking for an excuse for my life to start.

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