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“They’re the Vegans of Being Nice”

I’m assuming most of you are aware of the ever-popular vegan joke, explaining that you’ll know a vegan when you meet one – because they won’t shut up about it. Well, I have found a social situation vaguely similar to the dietary habits of the animal-loving crazies…

People who, as a collective group, think they’re nice.

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The Pros (and Cons) of Living in an Active City

Well if you haven’t picked up from my other posts by now, I have switched coasts and moved to arguably one of the most active cities in the United States: Denver. It’s a lot to adjust to after living in one of the unhealthiest cities in America for the past five years of my adult life, but I’m making the best of it. From hiking to running to healthy eating, I have made a big jump in lifestyle over the past three weeks.

Still, there are times where I feel purely inadequate.

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It’s About Time I Move on with My Life

During these past few months, I have spent a¬†concern-able¬†amount of time sitting on my couch and browsing through job listings on my computer. To me, it felt like my life was set on pause, that I wasn’t going anywhere despite the number of times I sent out my resume.

But then it hit me: I was looking for an excuse for my life to start.

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