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I Ordered a Cheesesteak Outside of Philadelphia

Ah, the ever glamorous cheesesteak. While I personally prefer the buffalo chicken option (of basically everything), I finally caved and decided to try the wonderful combo of cheese, steak, onions, and grease on a roll outside of its natural habitat.

And I will never do it again.

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7 Things I Absolutely Loved About Living in Philadelphia

I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! Ok, not that big of a deal, but still. In the past few days I have become nostalgic about my past five years of living in the wonderful city of Philadelphia. After all of my times moving, I haven’t found a place I could really relate to and call home until I moved into the City of Brotherly Love. If you haven’t been before, then you’re missing out. If you have been here before, then I hope you can attest to its awesomeness.

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