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Things Teenage Girls Say – Part One

I coach 13-year-olds how to play volleyball; and when I look back on my athletic career and learning how to play, there are plenty of things that I can point out as to what has made me the person I am today. Work ethic, determination, and the desire to succeed – just to name a few. But there’s one thing that I completely forgot about since I have grown into an adult:

Teenage girls are weird.

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It’s Goin’ Down, I’m Yellin’ Tinder

I hope you all haven’t missed me too much after this unexpected hiatus, but I’m back and ready with a book full of new adventures that have made me go “wtf.” Let’s start off with one of the most entertaining apps ever created…

These are the Tinder chronicles.

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I Think Young America Needs Old Role Models

The first two times I drafted this, I faced off two “role models” and pointed out the pros and cons of each one, naturally focusing on the role model debate of Miley Cyrus. Yet as I thought about what I was writing, I couldn’t help but think that the VMA “catastrophe” it isn’t exactly Miley’s fault. Sure, you could pin it on her publicist or PR team, but she is acting just like any other 20-something pop star that has come before her. It’s just the way Hollywood works.

I think some people, particularly those in my age range, need to get off the Miley-hating horse and think about what female pop-stars were like during our preteens. Need I remind you of the “X-Tina” age or Britney’s “Toxic” phase? The outrage over J-Lo’s over-exposed full figure? Or even the great head-shave of 2007?

As a whole, we shouldn’t be berating Miley for acting like her teen-year role models. She grew up the same way those Disney Mickey-Mousers did before her: she was a child in the eyes of the media and wanted to make it known that she is now an adult. Rather than bashing her and the tradition of tramp-transformation, wouldn’t it be easier to change the definition of what a role model is?

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That Time I Auditioned for “The Price is Right”

So my family and I have taken “The Price is Right” and turned it into a tradition – a right of passage, if you will. So when the opportunity to locally audition for TPIR arose, it would be foolish to ignore it and walk away, right? Right.

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‘Duck Dynasty’ and ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’ >>> All Other Reality TV

I am going kick this off with two assumptions:

  • You all know what Duck Dynasty is. (It’s already completed three seasons)
  • You all know that Ryan Lochte is quite possibly the dumbest human on the planet.

Honestly, I am not a reality TV type of person. I will watch sitcoms and dramas until I can no longer move off the couch, but as soon as that channel changes to something like ‘Catfish’ or ‘The Kardashians’ I am out of the living room faster than the speed of light. I just really can’t stand the stupidity of human nature, let alone being forced to watch people be famous for really nothing… and yes, Kim, I’m calling your “sex tape” nothing.

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