Instagram Standards

While I don’t write as often as I would like to – it seems to be that I dig up my every once in a while after finding something that truly sits in my craw. This time? This time I blame the Instagram “20 Beautiful Women Challenge” for my rant.

Oh the selfie. The time when men and women, boys and girls relish in how ‘fresh’ they look at that given time. And while I’m all for self-promotion and confidence, there has to be a deeper look into what these shallow, vain habits are doing to our culture.

This “20 Beautiful Women” challenge – to me – is the same as being picked for kickball in gym. If you’re not picked by the ‘pretty’ friend, then you get pity nominations or not picked at all. And what does that communicate? You have to be physically attractive to be linked to one another? The ability to generate ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ from your ‘selfie’ is above all?

No. This is my final straw. I am tired from watching young women alter their self confidence and self worth from the standard of social media. I am sick of hearing discussions of what pose will generate the greatest traction on different platforms.

Above all, I am tired of a girls heart breaking each time she is not seen as worthwhile due to physical appearances.

As a coach – I have weekly interactions with pre-teen girls. Weekly, I hear comments of depression and self-destruction because they are not “pretty” or hold up to other physical standards perpetuated on social media.

I will be the first to admit that growing up in this generation is hundreds of times harder than my own due to technological ‘advances,’ but we don’t have to see that as a deficit. We don’t have to accept these standards of living and cultural norms. As a whole, we can decide to stand up to these standards – in a perfect world, that is.

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