“What’s Your Biggest Fault”

Throughout the years, I have been described as many things by my friends and family: blunt, outgoing, and impulsive – just to name a few. Many things have shaped the way in which I act and choose to live my life. Yet, I never thought I would see the day (or days, if you will) that people would pick one choice word to describe myself and my actions… What’s that word, you ask?


You heard it right. This impulsive, sometimes hot-headed Philadelphia kid has now mastered the art of patience… apparently. And you might be asking yourself: “Why is this something this chick is writing about?”

It means I “have” to find a “new” weakness.

For years, I have identified myself with every antonym ever created to get across the point of how not-patient I am. Heck, I would get mad at Wawa employees if my hoagie wasn’t done being prepared by the time I had finished paying. But after all of this time listing patience as my biggest “needs improvement” mark – I now have to find a “new” negative about myself.

And why the hell am I supposed to do that?

Everyone has that one safe-answer when presented with the question of “what is your biggest weakness” and I am honestly sick of it. It is just human nature to have flaws. But, instead of focusing on the self-diagnosed negatives, I am prepared to offer up only my strongest features from here on out.

Why should I tell someone that I can’t make a marbled cake? How come it’s up to me to diagnose why I over-analyze communication? Do I really need to share that I spent years thinking that epitome was pronounced ep-uh-tome?

One thing that has stuck with me while coaching fifteen thirteen-year-old girls is this: focusing on negatives will take the joy out of the things you love. So from now on I will take my faults for how they are, but I will stop highlighting the bad just for the sake of a dumb question.

Patience be damned – I’m flawless.

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