But of Course I Want to Work in Retail Forever

At some point in life, everyone holds a menial job that makes you question whether or not there are actually nice people in the world. Some people call it a summer job while others call it a career, but me? I just call it retail.

I have worked on and off in the retail world over the past few years, filling my free time with a soul-crushing way to make some sort of income possible. Yet, in all of the jobs I have held, I never experienced a self-important and condescending customer… until I started working in a women’s apparel store, that is.

There have been plenty of nasty things said to myself and co-workers from these self-righteous people – who were clearly bullies in high school – and it has taken me a while to figure out how to portray the caddy, snarky, evil ways of women while they shop for a $30 blouse that they can get at target for $10. But then I decided – since they don’t edit themselves to me, they will go unedited online.

These are my top five things that have been said while at work. Let the bitch-shaming commence:

“She can’t do simple math, I guess that’s why she works here.”

“You don’t look like you should work here.”

“This is completely ridiculous – you’re supposed to make me happy, so you really need to stand behind your product.”

“When do you think you’ll get a real job?”

“I really like that top you’re wearing… I just wish it was more feminine.”

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