“They’re the Vegans of Being Nice”

I’m assuming most of you are aware of the ever-popular vegan joke, explaining that you’ll know a vegan when you meet one – because they won’t shut up about it. Well, I have found a social situation vaguely similar to the dietary habits of the animal-loving crazies…

People who, as a collective group, think they’re nice.

The people of Denver, my new home, are collectively nice – I will not deny them that. It’s the fact that some won’t shut up about it that makes me want to pull my hair out. There have been a few social interactions (ie. when a girl said South Jersey was “basically the same thing as Philadelphia”) when I probably came off a bit defensive and, for all intents and purposes, “mean”; but that does not justify rubbing in my face how “nice” you are and how I’ll “get there one day.”

Honestly, doing that makes you come off as rude. Have you applied logic to this statement before speaking?

I have made plenty of random friends in Denver because we are nice and outgoing people. Sure there might be some sass and sarcasm to go along with it, but most are smart enough to pick up on the context clues and tone. The ones who aren’t? Well then I just come off as mean, and they’re prepared to make that known.

Just because you, the super-nice wannabe folks, don’t know how to socially interact with people and decide to get defensive doesn’t mean I’m mean. Maybe we have different sense of humor. Maybe I know geography and that Egg Harbor is no where close to the Greater Philadelphia Area. It’s not my problem that because I am a Denver transfer (like 98% of the people I’ve met) that I “just don’t get it yet.”

Dear Mr. “I’ve Lived in Upstate New York for 25 Years of my Adult Life but Have Been in Denver for the Past Four” – I’m pretty sure you don’t get it yet, either.

Being nice isn’t something you gloat about or go around rubbing in people’s faces. You don’t call someone out on their personality differences just because they might be from a completely different social group than you. There’s two choices here: either accept people how they are or you are polite enough to turn the other cheek in a non-offensive way. Don’t call attention to the fact that you don’t want to continue a conversation with me because you believe me to be “abrasive” and you’re just “too nice” to “deal with that.”

If you have to call attention to the fact that you’re nice, I have a newsflash for you: You’re not a nice person. You’re an asshole.

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