Say What You Want… I’m Wearing My 5″ Heels

For those of you who do not know me, I am tall. We’re not talking Destinee Hooker* tall, but I’m really not too far behind. Funny thing is, I’ve never thought of myself as tall. I’ve always assumed myself to be average and everyone else was just a bit shorter.

Until I put on heels, that is. Then I’m not “taller,” I’m more fabulous.

First off, it is nowhere even close to my fault that others barely come up to my chin when I’m wearing flats. The fact that they come up to my chest in heels? Well, deal with it. I’m so tired of the lines of “you’re already so tall, do you really need those things?” and “are you sure you want to be that much taller?” Newsflash. I’m already tall. What’s a few more inches really going to hurt? Other than your self-confidence, that is.


Yes, there are a lot of things that short and tall people have to deal with respectively. Lucky for you short people, some clothes are more adapted for you. As Tim Gunn has taught me, if I have to ask myself whether that item of clothing is a shirt or a dress – it’s definitely a shirt.

Clothing aside, my peeve remains the same. Why is it an issue for me to wear sky-rocketing heels? If they’re cute and match my outfit – why the hell does it matter to anyone other than me? Yes, you might be feeling inferior because you’re shorter, but I’m the one taking the “risk” of becoming amazonian. You’re not the one who has to bend over to hear someone speak or squat down for pictures, so does it really have that big of an impact on you. I end that with a period instead of a question mark because it’s rhetorical – it doesn’t have that big of an impact on you.

Ladies, let’s be real for a second. Kitten heels went out the window years ago and the only people that can get away with wearing chunky, low heels are mothers and people that work on their feet all day. I would never choose to wear lower heels outside of work, and I don’t expect you would either. Is it my fault that the cute shoes are either flats or 4.5″ heels? No. That’s the designer, and quite frankly they still haven’t seemed to grasp that their cliental are more than the 5’9″ twigs that they send down the runway.

Apparently 5’9″ is considered tall. Hah.

But what really irks me is when people, especially men, feel that height some sort of disability – like I should feel ashamed to be tall. I don’t need someone telling me that they love me despite of my height…

Homeboy, please. I do not date based on any physical level other than attractiveness. Sure it’s nice if the man is the taller one in the relationship, but height is never a reason to judge someone. If you have to make an excuse as why I’m tall or explain to me why being short is better just to make yourself feel good, please leave my line of vision. Oh, wait…

*For those who do not follow the world of volleyball, Destinee Hooker is a 6’4″ opposite attacker on the American national women’s volleyball team. Laugh all you want at her name, but she could kick your butt into next week. 

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3 thoughts on “Say What You Want… I’m Wearing My 5″ Heels

  1. PREACH sister! I am the average Jane next door: I teach, I coach, I am a Mom and a Wife. There is one exception, I am 6’6″ tall and used to be a collegiate athlete (still have the rings to prove it). I LOVE to wear heels…and my husband is “short” at 6’2″. I take Amazon as a compliment: a beautiful, strong, warrior woman.

  2. H. E. Lexus says:

    Wear your heels and wear them proud. I say taller the better!!! Love to see some some time. 😉

  3. Lukraakvars says:

    I get the “why do you wear heels if you are already tall?” question a lot too. Great to see I’m not alone in Tall-Girl World 🙂

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