After Five Years of College Roommates, I’m Ready to Live on My Own

My roommates are probably going to read this and think that I hate them, but that is far from the case. After living with a variation of people over the past five years of my collegiate career, you would have to declare me certifiably insane to want to live with more than one other person during any time of the next decade of my life.

There has only been one point through my time at college that I have lived with just two other people, and at that point I was living 3,000 miles away from home. Aside from those six months, I have lived with no less than three and no more than five other people – and each time it has been all girls.

It takes a certain amount of patience to live with others. You will all have different definitions of cleanliness, space boundaries, and things that are socially acceptable or appropriate; and it will take time to learn the ins and outs of each other’s lives. Regardless of how well you think that you all get along, there will always be little things that start to pile up and annoy if you don’t nip them in the bud. There’s going to be issues with whomever you live with, be it guys, girls, or a mixed apartment, and you will have to decide whether that spill on the rug is really worth the fight.

This is the part of my life I’m ready to retire. The debates over who cleaned the bathroom last. Being locked out of the room for the night because of male visitors. The passive aggressive methods of not cleaning dishes because “they’re not mine.” Struggling for control of the remote during primetime. Claiming kitchen space by leaving empty pasta boxes in the cabinets. Taking other’s laundry out of the washer because it has been sitting there for over 24 hours. All of it is a chapter that I’m ready to close.

I love all of my roommates, past and present. Some of my best friends have come out of living situations and the experiences I have gained from living with others has shaped me – but now I’m ready to see how I fare on my own as an adult. See how long it takes me to actually pick up the living room after having friends over. See how well I do with cleaning the dishes in the sink when I know for a fact that they’re all mine. See if I actually enjoy reality television shows, given the actual option of watching them or not.

Five years of roommates has taught me how to live with others – now I’m ready to see if I can live with me.

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