Why My Best Friend is My Best Friend

Everyone – I’m assuming – has a best friend. Some people, myself included, have more than one; but there’s always that one person that stands out above the rest. There are obvious reasons why you would consider someone a best friend, ie. how well you get along, how they treat you/defend you, and similar interests. But overall, that one above-all best friend is the one you never let go of, even if they can piss you off to no end. Here’s why:

You’ve known each other forever.

The one who I give the title of “supreme best friend” I have known forever. For argument’s sake (and because I’m currently watching Duck Dynasty) let’s call him Jepp. Jepp and I are childhood family friends and it’s obnoxious how many photos we have over our 20+ years of friendship. It is true that the length of the friendship does not trump the quality of friendship, but Jepp sets the standard for this rule in my life. Best friends forever is what you are, and what you will remain.

Nothing is off-limits.

It is seriously one of my favorite things to wake up to a text saying “You won’t believe what I just did.” Even better, a voicemail. Regardless of the communication, no story is off-limits in this friendship. This is why I love Jepp. He knows the best and worst stories of my life that I have to offer and is still friends with me anyways. The secrets we keep for one another turn into inside jokes and though judgement does exist, it is never in a malicious manner. Better yet – nothing is ever awkward. I will always make fun of Jepp for his actions as he will always do for me, and that’s one of the reasons that this friendship is so special.

You can go months without talking, yet you always pick up where you left off.

Jepp and I went almost a year without talking once. But one day, out of the blue, he texted me and we talked as if we had been talking for all of those “lost” months. Whenever we pick up talking again, it’s the usual “oh how’s the family” and “what’s new” run-through before we get to the good stuff of the no-limit stories. There’s no re-establishment of friendship or awkward moments where neither of us is sure how to proceed. We’re best friends, and that’s just how it is.

When you do get mad at one another, the first-middle-last name combo is your version of name-calling.

Granted I do this more often than Jepp, but I must say: yelling at someone by their full name rather than just some asinine name of “butthead” or “jackass” is quite satisfactory.  The best part of it all is that I can do this in public. And, as we all know, being called out by your full name in public is the ultimate “you done messed up now” shaming. I. Love. It. He hates it, but who cares. It’s the ultimate “listen, shut up” move.

You consider one another family.

With how close of friends you are, it’s rather common to act like you’re related. Sometimes I will even call Jepp my brother in conversations, just because it’s easier to explain the story of how mean/stupid we can be to one another. His family is like my second family, and regardless of whether it’s him or his biological siblings – we have the same stories of torment and torture of each other; and whatever other siblings happen to get in the line of fire. The worst is when we used to tag-team on his next youngest sibling… poor kid was shoved in so many closets in his younger years…

Jokes about being each other’s back-ups is relatively common.

If you haven’t picked up on the fact that my best friend is a guy, then you might be a little slow. Being a girl, naturally I have the mentality that I will be married by at least 30 years of age. Him on the other hand? Not a chance. Usually when I have had a little too much wine to drink, I will send him texts with just numbers; negotiating the year in which is the back-up age limit in case we don’t get married. It’s always a joke, but being BFF’s with a “free spirit” (I’m not allowed to call him a hippie) has its give and takes. I say 30, he says 50. He’ll say 45, I’ll say 40. It’s great that we can both joke about it – even better that we still have that notion of having someone that will be there for us in the end.

Whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., you know you can always call them. Even if you’re in different time zones.

Sure, sometimes one of us will be sound asleep and not pick up the phone; but more times than not, we will answer when the other calls. Sometimes it’ll be alcohol induced, other times it’ll be boredom, but no matter what – we will always have something to talk about. Once in a while I’ll yell at him for doing something stupid, either that night or another, and he’ll return the favor when it’s applicable. But no matter what – we always have each other’s backs and are willing to talk things out, no matter how annoying the situation (or time choice) may be.

So to wrap it up: “Jepp,” you’re awesome and I could never replace you in my life. Friends will come and go and some “best friends” can fade to black, but the king of all friends will always be there for you – even if it’s been months (or years) since you’ve talked. Ride ’till we die and party like it’s 1999. 

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