For the Love of My Eyes, Start Wearing Clothes That Fit

This. This puts me over the edge. Why people decide to go out in public wearing clothes that do not fit them correctly is just mind-boggling.  I understand how some people wish to be trendy and try to pull of certain styles not designed for them, but there is a reason those clothes don’t fit.

For example, if you go out in public, thinking you look great, and you catch people looking like this when you walk by:

Then you might just need a new outfit – aka you might be lucky enough for things just not to match on that particular day. But if you walk by and people are looking at you like this:

You really should consider finding clothes a size… or three… bigger.

We all know that people love watching other people, which makes this phenomenon of straight up staring at others – especially when they are in outlandish clothing – rather popular. Yet, these people who decide to go walking around in clothes that don’t fit somehow are not aware that this is why people are staring. And no, you skinny size 0 people aren’t exempt from this.

There are plenty of articles written, for men and women, about dressing for your body type. Granted, women tend to violate the sense of vision more than men, but that’s not the point. Squeezing myself into jeans meant for someone 10 lbs lighter than me does not constitute as a good idea to me, so why is it to others? Especially when there are well-written advice articles as to how to make yourself look 10 lbs thinner through different outfit stylings.

Yesterday, my friends and I were walking along the boardwalk where there were multiple instances of the “hey… to your left, can you believe what she’s wearing?” whisper. Following the whisper, the recipient of the news would casually look around in that direction, usually at some object or store, just to get a glimpse of the atrocity walking around in size not-meant-for-them clothes. Sure this sounds judgmental, but if you’re walking out of the house in see-through shorts that are half-way between cotton and spandex – you better be ready for people to judge your choices.

This is the point that annoys me the most. These people walking around in size sixes when they’re really tens then get angry that people stare, labeling those staring along the lines of “haters.” Newsflash, honey/dude, of course I’m going to hate on what you’re wearing, because it’s hating on my eyes. Our culture has gotten to a point where even the simplest of imperfections will be looked at and possibly judged, so why make yourself (and your self-esteem) a walking target? I will not deny that I have had my variance of outfits in which I think “what was I thinking? I can’t pull this off” the next day. But I have had enough judgement in my life to know what I do and do not look good in, what I can and cannot pull off – and that is just from reading Cosmo.

Curvy, skinny, big-boned, athletic, husky, healthy, tall, short, or whatever you may be – dress for it. We are taught to celebrate our bodies and how we are all unique, but forcing yourself into clothes that are clearly made for another body type will do nothing more than tear down your self esteem and make you an eye-sore in public and in pictures. You can try to act confident in your size four booty shorts, but more times than not – you will always think about how others see your body. So rather than trying to fit into someone else’s stereotype as to what is “beautiful” or “healthy” or “perfect,” embrace your body as it is for there is no shame in who you are. If there’s something you really don’t like about your body, then head to the gym and change it. Only then will those shorts have the potential to actually fit correctly, leading people to look at you like this:

But for now, for the love of Channing Tatum and my eyes, please buy clothes that actually fit you.

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